• migrate-HDD-to-SSD

    Migrating From HDD to SSD Without Reinstalling Windows 10

    If your aging computer is feeling a bit slow and unresponsive, one of the quickest and easiest ways to breathe new life into it is upgrading from a HDD to an SSD. Here's how to…

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  • MacBookVPN

    The Benefits of Using a VPN on Mac

    A VPN is a Virtual Private Network is a tool that grants your computer the highest levels of privacy, anonymity and security by creating a private network from a public internet connection. This means that…

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  • mac antivirus software

    The Best Antivirus Software for Mac

    To harden your Mac’s defences against the continual onslaught of malware, you’re best opting for one of the many excellent, third-party security suites. Here are four of the top choices, that’ll keep your Mac safe…

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  • 10 Tips to Help Secure Your Mac

    Despite the number of security risks that Macs face, or any internet-connected computer for that matter, there are steps we can take to ensure that our computers are as protected as can be. While no…

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  • mobile security tips

    8 Tips For Securing Your Mobile Device

    Keeping your mobile device secure isn’t too much of a tall order. In fact, it’s remarkably easy. You needn’t spend too long, and invest a lot to secure it either. Here are eight quick tips…

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  • screen-flicker-win10

    Fix Screen Flicker in Windows 10

    A flickering screen in Windows 10 is usually caused by a corrupted or incompatible display driver, or by an incompatible app. There are a couple of easy ways to check, and usually easy ways to…

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  • link S21 to Windows 10

    Link Your Galaxy S21 to Your Windows 10 PC

    Your Samsung Galaxy S21 (as well as the S20 and S10) can be linked to your Windows 10 PC, allowing you to access your mobile device's data, photos, messages and more instantly on your computer.…

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  • widgets in big sur

    How to Manage Your Widgets in Big Sur

    Although widgets were introduced to macOS with the release of OS X Yosemite, they were limited in terms of the their design, functionality and customisation. However, Big Sur has launched a new style of Widgets…

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  • restore lost files

    Recover Lost and Deleted Files on PC and Mac

    Anyone who has used a computer has likely been in a situation where they suddenly realise that a file they needed to keep has been deleted or lost on their computer. An easy way to…

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  • apple pencil tips

    Using The Apple Pencil – Beginner Tips and Tricks

    The Apple Pencil transforms the iPad from a finger-based tool to a professional artist’s canvas. With an Apple Pencil, you can sketch, draw, paint and write on the iPad just like it was a physical…

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  • reuse old usb stick

    10 Ways To Re-Use An Old USB Flash Drive

    It is possible to buy USB flash drives with 1 or 2TB capacity these days, making those dozen 8 or 16GB drives you undoubtedly have in a drawer somewhere pretty obsolete. But don’t throw them…

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  • free cloud storage

    Get 100GB of Free Cloud Storage

    There are many cloud storage providers, offering both free and paid storage plans, and with a little bit of work, and some organisation, you can get more than 100GB of free cloud storage in a…

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  • old computer

    New Ways to Use an Old PC

    Your ageing PC is actually capable of quite a lot, and there are numerous handy projects that you can turn its hardware and processing power to. And you can do all this without having to…

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  • common raspberry pi problems

    7 Common Raspberry Pi Problems Solved!

    The Raspberry Pi hardware and software is pretty reliable and problems are more often due to set up errors rather than anything to do with the hardware.

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