At present, the Microelectronics and Microelectronics Laboratory is focusing on the basic research directions, such as:

Study of multiferoic materials;
Study of energy materials based on friction effects;
Magnetic properties of red blood cells and human circulatory system;
Development orientations for development and start-up:

Research on high sensitivity magnetic field and equipment for marine economic development;
To study the manufacture of magnetic sensors with nanostructures and to develop a magnetic resonance magnetometer system for biomedical applications;
Manufacturing of wind and water based development machines.
There are also a number of advanced micro and nano-structured data research directions to create the proposed products:

Technology for the manufacture of a number of multilayered materials based on spintronics and spinstrainics
Manufacturing technology of some microorganic and nano structure inorganic materials
Production technology of some organic nanostructured materials.
International high quality articles (ISI journal, Q1 / Q2)
To design and test a number of applied technology products, including the following products:

Sensor sensitivity measured magnetic field, electric current, stress
Optical, mechanical, thermal-electric converter.
Integrated systems for automatic measurement and control, energy storage and reconstruction, medical diagnostics and environmental protection.
Some commercialized products: Electronic compass, satellite TV receiver on board, continuous measuring device for continuous blood pressure, magnetometer for biomedical applications.

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