Research Equipments

TT Device name


1. Sputtering ATC-200UHV sputtering device


Six electronic guns, a main vacuum chamber, and a vacuum chamber allow for the rapid fabrication of thin films up to several hundred nanometers. It is possible to make films with fast and accurate multi-layer structure.
2. Sputtering BOC – Edwards 500 sputtering equipment Three electronic guns, a vacuum chamber that allows the fabrication of high-deposition films with a membrane thickness of several nanometers to a few   mm.
3. PLD (Pulse Laser   Deposition)     Pioneer 120 PLD Allows the production of thin films up to 0.1 nm in thickness, the chemical composition of which corresponds to the material of the material.
4. Pulsed electron deposition Model: PEBS-20 Brand: Neocera Allows the production of thin films up to 0.1 nm in thickness, the chemical composition of which corresponds to the material of the material.
5. X-ray diffraction (Brucker D8 Advance) Examine the crystal structure of the material, determine the type of network, the size of the material.
6. AFM and MFM atomic force microscopes Check the surface roughness of the material, analyze the surface structure of the material, analyze the electrical and magnetic energy of the material.
7. Scanning electron microscope Morphological examination of the surface of the material, the thickness of the material. Oriented crystal analysis.
8. Dry etching system Model: NRE-4000 Manufacturer: Nano-Master Inc Shaping the structure for the soleplate to make the desired assembly.
9. Laser Machining (Laser machining) Model: M-360 Manufacturer: Laser Universal System Cutting, engraving, shaping structures for soles, materials.
10. Surface profiler Model: D150 Brand: Veeco Check the roughness, thickness of the material.
11. Ferroelectric Test System Precision LC (10V); Radiant Technologies, Inc. – USA Analysis of electrical properties, electrical polarization, dielectric properties of materials.
12. Keithley Model 4200-SCS / F Semiconductor Characterization System Analyze, check the electrical properties of materials, semiconductor components.
13. Resistance measurement of wafer by 4-way resistor (Resistivity system) Measure the square resistance of the membrane.
14. Optical microscope with CCD camera Observation of materials, components.
15. Laurell WS-400B rotary press Fabrication of thin films.
16. Mask MTB4-Suss Mask Create structure for materials, components.
17. FD33 Fine placer Welding, joining blocks of materials.
18. VKAM cutter Cutting materials, Si soles.
19. 626 Hybond wire welding machine Soldering parts, creating micro-contact.
20. Lakehore 7404 vibration sampler Measure the magnetic properties of the material.
21. Small Signal Amplifier, Low Noise Model: SR560 and Model: SR570 Signal amplification, noise reduction
22. Kistler 5011B power amplifier Charge amplifier
23. Measurement and power sources PA Keithley 236 Creates lines up to 0.1 nA accuracy
24. Magnets and power source GMW 5403 Create external magnetic fields
25. Magnetic measuring device Magnetic field with accuracy up to 0.01 Oe
26. Oscilloscope Tektronix DP04032 Measure the electrical signal
27. Lock-in Amplifier 7265 DSP Signal amplification, noise reduction
28. Incubators and vacuum pumps Create a high temperature environment
29. Measuring system from resistance Measure the electromagnetic properties of the material
30. Measurement of RLC electrical properties Measure the resistance, impedance, resistance of materials, components.